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Yellow groove bamboo (Phyllostachys japonicus), also known as the yellow groove bamboo plants, is a rapidly growing, low-maintenance, deciduous tree or shrub species that are native to the tropical and subtropical Americas and found throughout the tropical Pacific. It usually grows up to 20-foot wide and over a length of about 30 feet, with a spreading evergreen canopy of up to ten feet high. The yellow groove bamboo can be grown in any condition, from full sun to drought to heavy shade. This makes it ideal for people who are not sure if they can handle all the challenges of a tropical or subtropical environment or simply those who are not sure if they want a tropical garden.

Yellow Groove Bamboo Plants

The yellow groove bamboo seeds are the exotic plant that has a spreading shallow base with a green shady center, and with leaves that end up fanning out to either side of its wide, lower canopy. The leaves are rounded and point and come in some colors. The three most common colors are yellow, white, and gray, with red being the most uncommon color. The yellow groove bamboo blooms in the spring, with the flowers being small and dark green.

With a hardy reputation, the yellow groove bamboo care is one of the easiest and least expensive bamboos to grow. It is also a very versatile plant, which makes it great for those who are just starting with their first Bonsai plants and are concerned with the type of shape they would like their Bonsai to take. While the yellow groove bamboo has a large number of different shapes and styles, it has only one true shape; generally, a large, upright growth topped with a pair of sharply pointed, short leaves that originate from the base of the trunk and then slant to the right or left.

Yellow Groove Bamboo Zone

When grown in a sunny, well-drained environment, the yellow groove bamboo zone will reach a full height of around twenty-two inches. However, many will grow much larger and will reach up to thirty-two inches in height. The amount of space that the yellow groove bamboo plant can tolerate will affect how big of a Bonsai tree you can grow, because of the roots and root structure it needs.

Yellow groove bamboo plant has a fast-growing phase, which means they will start strong and healthy but will settle down over time to become more elegant. The yellow groove bamboo plants can be trained into a great number of different styles, including upright, slanted, cascading, twisting, boxwood, and fan flower. The plant is most often planted in soil that is a little less than two inches deep. The soil should be enriched first with compost before it is packed lightly with coarse sand. Fertilizer should be added just a few times each year, as bamboo plants sometimes prefer a fertilizer that is slightly more fertilizer-based than co-ed.

If you are trying to grow this style of bamboo in your home, then you will want to make sure to plan, as this plant likes to grow quickly and mature quickly. If you plan on keeping your yellow groove bamboo within the home, then you may want to place it under a shaded spot, where it will not get exposed to direct sun rays directly. Yellow groove bamboo also would be wise to keep it in a potting container that is only two inches deep.

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