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Mexican weeping bamboo enthusiasts, beautiful Mexican weeping bamboo plants are hard to beat. It blooms in the late summer, with lovely lavender flowers. The plant is an indoor plant, and for successful growing, you must remember Mexican weeping bamboo needs full sun, not shade. You should also have plenty of soil so that it will be well-nourished and thrive.

Mexican Weeping Bamboo Plants

To provide a suitable growing environment for your Mexican weeping bamboo care, select a location that receives four to six hours of sunlight, and is well-drained. Since the plant prefers a warm climate, you should place Mexican weeping bamboo about six to eight feet (two to three meters) away from any walls, trees, concrete, or bricks. In addition, if you live in a humid area, it is a good idea to purchase an indoor plant that has a heavy, deep soil base so that it does not become submerged in water. If you live in an area where you occasionally experience droughts, you should check and see if your chosen plant is part of a group that requires regular watering to prevent it from drying out completely.

There are two different kinds of Mexican weeping bamboo as a container plant, the fruit-bearing, and the woody types. Both varieties have about one-half to one-third of an inch diameter dark-colored leaves, ranging from green to gray, and have about one-inch long stalks. These stalks, which are short and thin, are about one-half to one-third of an inch in diameter and dark green. Both plants have brown flowers between two to three inches in length. These Mexican weeping bamboo flowers are about one-half to one-third of an inch in diameter and dark green.

The Mexican weeping bamboo flowering comes in two forms: the acetate and the azoteeth. The azoteeth has gray and white flowers, while the acetate has green flowers. Both varieties have stiff tough stems and come in several different colors: red, purple, mauve, yellow, white, pink, orange, burgundy, and black. These Mexican weeping bamboo plants are extremely drought-resistant plants that grow up to two feet high and produce fruit that is about one inch in diameter.

Mexican Weeping Bamboo In Pot

One of the best characteristics of the Mexican weeping bamboo in pot is that it has a wide range of uses. It is a very good ornamental plant and can be used as a border plant along with other flowers or even in a container garden. It is extremely hardy, growing well in areas with low fertility such as the desert. Mexican weeping bamboo will not grow very tall, however, and is only two to three feet high. In addition, it is quite tolerant of drought and has only been known to grow in low soil.

To give the Mexican weeping bamboo the best chances of success, it needs regular pruning, especially in the winter months when the climatic conditions are most adverse. Some of the smaller branches should be removed each winter and this will encourage clumping growth between the main support structures. A good way to recognize clumping is by paying close attention to the Mexican weeping bamboo in full blossom, as it moves in toward the main support structure and then deflates. When you see this sign, there is a good chance for successful planting. This is also true if you notice that the Mexican weeping bamboo is blooming and then going into a rest period.

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