How to Use Bamboo Salt

Throughout the historic previous of Oriental medicine, Korean has developed many types of great standard medical treatments. Many pure parts has been utilized and rework into standard medicine that will help in help illness.

Bamboo was utilized by Korean as an crucial medical supplies. It has many different medical efficacy varies from its stub, roots, and leaves. About 1000 years prior to now, some Korean medicine medical medical doctors and monks started to make standard medicine by inserting sea salt in a thick bamboo stub and baking them together with pine tree firewood. It was baked solely twice or trice. They used it as explicit medicine for treatments and help of certain sickness similar to diarrhea. Lastly they came across that it might need its full medical efficacy if baked over 9 events repeatedly. And they also moreover noticed that whether or not it’s completely melted, the toxic attribute disappeared.

Now bamboo salt is successfully known as one of many very important well-known standard medical treatments, not solely in Korea, however moreover in plenty of Asia nations. Many pharmaceutical scientists all world broad are researching on the actual therapeutics like anti-cancer affect and anti-virus affect. It could be used for the subsequent features:


Bamboo salt has been added as an ingredient to make face cream as this can be very good for pores and pores and skin. It is also used to make tooth-pastes on account of it could help in tooth related illness in a short while. Experience displays that it stops bleeding gums with just a few makes use of.


Bamboo salt has mysterious beauty-skin affect, having a shower or washing up with the water with it; you might be shocked by the skin-softening affect. You might also moist your pores and pores and skin, after which apply it onto your physique. Slowly therapeutic therapeutic massage rub the salt in your pores and pores and skin gently, it provides you additional cleaning affect. Making use of it at your tummy may allow you burn additional fat. It may truly help to increase your metabolism cost throughout the course of.

Zits is attributable to micro organism in your face; using bamboo salt water to wash your face can efficiently kill the micro organism. Consider to steer clear of let the water get into your eyes, as you might actually really feel very painful, just like sea water coming into into your eyes.


Use it to change your desk salt for cooking your dish. Not too way back the intense consumption of salt causes fatness and completely different vital properly being points. Thus appropriate meals plan along with salt ingestion is important to take care of healthful. Bamboo salt do not set off these adult-diseases as a result of it incorporates different type of minerals that is useful to our physique. Our physique desires mineral similar to potassium,sodium, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Cleaning vitality

Use bamboo salt to wash your hair. Firstly moist your hair with water, then pour some onto your hand, slowly apply in your hair. Therapeutic therapeutic massage gently so as that it’ll in all probability clear the scalp completely. After a few minutes, rinse your hair with water. You will discover the extra clear hair wash.

Antibacterial train

Evaluation on anti-inflammatory train of bamboo salt implies that it importantly contributes to the prevention or treatment of inflammatory sicknesses. So this can be very useful to certain treatment, as an illustration micro organism an an infection on foot.

Bamboo salt is explicit for it has gone by the use of additional processes in making. It may truly help us throughout the skincare, anti-bacteria and use it as provide of extra wholesome meals. As additional people are additional properly being acutely conscious nowadays, it is undoubtedly one among many good selections.


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