Dizi – Chinese Bamboo Flute – Care and Maintenance

The Chinese language Dizi or bamboo flute is an excellent sounding instrument. To maintain it in fine condition and luxuriate in it for a few years to return, listed below are 12 issues it is advisable to know to look after and preserve the Dizi.

1. The Dizi is made from bamboo so it’s extra susceptible than a western flute.

2. When the Dizi is uncovered to very chilly climate after which delivered to a hotter temperature setting, the bamboo might increase and crack.

3. Nevertheless, normally the higher Dizis are those which can crack simply because the bamboo is older and drier. The longer and larger Dizis are additionally extra liable to cracking.

4. If the Dizi cracks, use tremendous glue to go over the cracked line. Use fantastic sandpaper to rub in opposition to the dried up glue.

5. If the crack is huge and deep, use a mix of wooden shavings and glue to refill the crack. In any other case, ship the Dizi to an expert for fixing.

6. The Dizi can nonetheless be performed or would possibly even sound higher even when it has cracked and stuck earlier than.

7. Nevertheless, if the crack is on the membrane gap, it might be more durable to repair because the distinctive ‘dimo’ sound is likely to be affected due to the unevenness of the cracked line.

8. In case your Dizi has a copper tuning joint, take care when detaching the Dizi into 2 elements to retailer the Dizi. This exposes the copper tuning joint to potential harm and the Dizi may not match correctly collectively in consequence.

9. Use the ‘E Jiao’ (mule pores and skin herb) and water to affix the Dizi membrane. Don’t use saliva.

10. Don’t wash the Dizi with water as a result of water would possibly seep into the bamboo and have an effect on the tone of the instrument. Use a fabric to wipe extra saliva off after utilizing and retailer your Dizi in a bag.

11. To maintain Dizi dry and clear, put a bag of silicone gels inside your Dizi bag. If you’d like your Dizi to scent good, you may strive placing a bag of tea leaves into your Dizi bag as effectively.

12. Most significantly, to keep up the cleanliness of the Dizi and for private hygiene, use individually.


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