Carbonized Bamboo Fencing & Flooring Plywood Design Ideas **2021

Carbonized bamboo panels are one of the most unique windows and door decorations for a modern living space. This exclusive Screen Gems Louvertie Room divider is a contemporary 3-panel sliding door screen with redwood framing and carbonized bamboo frosted shutters. It’s a fantastic addition to any living or dining room, and it comes with a matching carbonized bamboo flooring that can be customized to match any design. This high-tech, fully integrated room divider is finished in high-gloss black powder-coated aluminum, which makes it durable enough to be a long-term fixture in any home.

Carbonized Bamboo Flooring

A carbonized bamboo fencing panel is made up of carbonized bamboo fibers that are woven into a mesh that has many mechanical properties. It exhibits a unique ability to diffuse light while maintaining its transparency, which allows it to have very low emission levels. In addition, the carbonized bamboo has very good insulating properties and superior sound reduction qualities. Many manufacturers of this type of room divider use advanced technology to add carbonized bamboo to their products, such as using a combination of liquid carbonized bamboo and mechanically active carbon fiber to create a very thin, lightweight, and strong material.

The Screen Gems Louvertie uses carbonized bamboo filament fibers that are woven into a heavy-duty vinyl composite with a honeycomb mesh finish. This material allows the panels to be more rigid and more durable than glass, but it has the unique ability to diffuse light without losing its transparency. Because of this, carbonized bamboo has excellent insulating properties, which make it a great addition to any home or office. It has superior electrical and thermal conductivity, as well, which helps it enhance the energy efficiency of any space.

The third in our series on composites for use in green buildings focus on carbonized bamboo supplement culm or small-sized fiberboard panels. Bamboo culm is made from five distinct bamboo species, each with different characteristics. One species excels at electrical conductivity, another at thermal conductivity, while the last two varieties combine both electrical and thermal conductivity with insulating properties that keep heat and cold at bay. This makes carbonized bamboo culm a unique building material that can stand up against both sound pollution and adverse environmental conditions. These lightweight molded panels are available in two finishes: flat-felling and textured.

Carbonized Bamboo Plywood

The final piece in our series focuses on carbonized bamboo plywood culm surfaces. These flat-felled panels are available in two finishes: smooth and textured. Smooth culm surfaces have been textured with natural stones; however, textured surfaces can also be achieved by painting the surfaces with durable latex paint. Some flat-felling companies even provide natural stone-textured carbonized bamboo to their customers.

In this green building series, we’ve spotlighted three types of carbonized bamboo that are ideal for use in green buildings. Bamboo has the versatility to adapt to a wide range of building applications because of its inherent properties. And when formed into products like carbonized bamboo pellets and other forms of cellulose, it can easily take on the qualities of other materials, providing a bio-energy resource of unparalleled strength and durability.

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