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Bamboo veneer refers to thin bamboo veneer sheets that are cut to custom sizes using a bamboo veneer machine. The resulting bamboo veneer sheets are used as the base material for laminates such as bamboo veneer flooring, bamboo veneer cabinets, bamboo veneer plywood, bamboo veneer panels, and bamboo veneer sheets. Veneers are translucent laminate products that provide the look and durability of wood, marble, stone, and other natural materials with the affordability and convenience of veneers. Bamboo is renowned for its straightness and strength, often sliced into thin bamboo veneer sheets by utilizing exclusive patented technology. Bamboo veneers are an appealing and unusual addition to the world of indoor furniture design and interior decorating.

Bamboo Veneer Sheets

Bamboo veneer plywood comes in a variety of different standard thicknesses: Bamboo Veneer Sheets (standard B), Pocket (P), Flat (F), and Rabbet (R). A bamboo veneer sheet can be trimmed to a custom size according to your specific project requirements. Typically a Bamboo Veneer Sheet will consist of two standard thicknesses of bamboo veneer.

There are many reasons bamboo veneer panels are an excellent interior decorating choice. The primary reason is bamboo veneer is very strong; it is not as easily damaged as other types of wood and it resists stains and heats beautifully. Bamboo is also naturally anti-corrosive and does not require any treatment to maintain its beautiful appearance over the years. It can be painted any color you like and can even be stained to mimic expensive materials such as cherry or walnut. This type of furniture covering is a good choice if you are looking to decorate on a budget because it can be constructed to match virtually any interior decorating style.

Bamboo Veneer Flooring

There are two basic bamboo veneer flooring types. One type has a bamboo veneer color with a carbonized overlay that is hand-painted with a coordinating color. The other type is constructed in a flat bamboo veneer style with a carbonized color but no carbonized overlays. In addition to being painted with a coordinating color, this style is also available in a flat bamboo veneer finish with a natural bamboo veneer look. Both styles provide a striking contrast with natural wood flooring, walls, countertops, and cabinets.

If your bamboo veneer cabinets project will require extensive staining and/or sealing, bamboo veneer strips can be used to seal the bamboo veneer. Some bamboo strips are pre-sealed with acid to help protect the bamboo from staining. Other bamboo strips may not be sealed, but may still be useful for sealing to provide a surface for adhesives or other materials that may need adhesives.

If your bamboo veneer project doesn’t require as much sealing and staining as other bamboo veneer projects, you may consider a laminated bamboo block version. These bamboo veneer blocks feature a natural bamboo veneer look but are constructed in more durable plastic. They still have the attractive grain pattern of real bamboo but are covered in a laminated bamboo veneer to help protect the bamboo veneer from staining and damage. This version is popular with bamboo veneer customers who don’t want to compromise their beautiful grain pattern.

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