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Bamboo terrace is the best fantastic decor for your garden or house. A bamboo terrace is a great idea if you want to get away from the stressful, polluted atmosphere of cities. With fewer people driving their cars on the congested streets, people can relax and enjoy nature in their own backyards. There are many ways to create the perfect bamboo terrace design, one of which is to construct an emergency escape bridge using bamboo logs as support. This method is simple, efficient, and can be adjusted according to your needs. What’s more, it’s also environmentally friendly.

The bamboo terrace idea in Tucson was originally built in 1998, by a Chinese bamboo expert, who studied bamboo architecture and creation at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). When he finished his research, he realized that bamboo was good material for creating stairs because it has the unique property of being flexible yet strong. He also discovered that bamboo can help relieve pressure on the kidneys and lower back. Thus, he was able to successfully build his bamboo terrace and the Emergency Escape Bridge using the bamboo he’d researched.

Bamboo Terrace House

Bamboo was not only helpful for the bamboo terrace garden in Tucson; it was also good for the birds and other natural wildlife in the area. One of the species of bamboo that he experimented with was the Chinese Rhynocs. These amazing little birds actually made the bamboo threads stiff enough to be used as scaffolding for constructing the bamboo terrace. The bamboo threads were used to create a framework for the bamboo scaffold, then bamboo strips were used as shingles on the bamboo that covered the scaffold, which the tiny birds happily climbed on. To make the bamboo even more useful, bamboo strips were painted with symbolic images such as fish, dragons, and pandas.

On his bamboo construction of the Emergency Escape Bridge, Rob began to think of all of the animals and insects he could attract to the eggs he would create. Thus he built a small tunnel out of the egg he had collected and then he began to carefully paint the egg with his image of what the final structure would look like. Finally, when he had his bamboo terrace roof scaffold firmly assembled and ready to begin work, he found a perfect spot for his first bamboo terrace statue. It was a baby chirping bird that would keep watch over his new home. When the Chinese artist finished his first bamboo sculpture, he was so thrilled that he offered to sell it to an art gallery in Tucson.

Bamboo Terrace Design

However, the gallery owner was not interested in a rhynocs egg and instead offered Rob a chance to construct another emergency escape bridge out of his egg. This time Rob made a full-scale version of the Emergency Escape Bridge complete with bamboo skirting, a bamboo pre-pancake layer, bamboo terrace columns, and a bamboo terrace house. Each section of the bamboo bridge was built separately, much to Rob’s dismay, but in the end, he was quite happy with the results. Finally, when all of his work had been completed, he offered the egg to a local shelter that specializes in animals.

A few of the animals were so impressed by the egg that they decided to adopt it. One of these pets was a sweet little kitten that became so attached to Rob’s bamboo terrace structure that he considered naming him Silly. Eventually, the kitten was added to a rescued pair of abies and the name stuck. Today, you can visit Rob’s Bamboo Pet Shop where you will find a great selection of rhinos, bamboo hedgehogs, and other great bamboo sculptures.

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