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Bamboo sword is the most effective weapon for martial arts. Do you dream about the day when you can be the best karate or martial arts fighter in town? Are you excited about the possibility of learning traditional Japanese arts in an authentic setting? Well, if you love the excitement of martial arts and great competition, you definitely want to learn about bamboo sword fencing. If you are ready to embrace the exhilaration of bamboo sword sport, you need to find out what bamboo sword sports are all about and how they can help you achieve your goal.

Youth competition: Youth competitors clash with their bamboo swords (often shinai). If you’ve always wanted to be a part of this sport, you need to find out more about the rules and history of this particular form of martial arts. If you are a youth karate student, you will find out that it is quite different from other kinds of karate in that it emphasizes the value of a strong defense as well as speed and agility. If you want to be the best karate student in your class, you need to give serious consideration to learning bamboo swords.

Bamboo Sword Training

Winning tournament: Afterschool, do you go to the dojo and practice your traditional set of karate and kung fu for tournaments? If the answer is no, you should try to learn about bamboo sword training. It is very popular in Japan, where competitions are held for real. You can win big as long as you practice your kissing (attacking technique) properly with a bamboo sword.

Historical re-enactments: Do you think it is fun to reenact historical battles or movies? If so, learn about bamboo sword training. The shinai was a weapon used by Japanese samurai warriors. You may not know that the shinai had no fixed length and could not be concealed. It had a long handle and the blade was much shorter than a makiwara (a four-handed bamboo sword).

Long time master: Do you have a bamboo sword fencing that you took with you when you were a young boy? If so, then you are a long time to master. The shinai was designed to cut and protect food and water so a master would have had it specially made. Today, you can still find these bamboo swords at auctions or estate sales. There are ones that are over one hundred years old and are in really good condition.

Bamboo Sword Bag

Good for karate practice: You can use your bamboo sword bag for all kinds of practical purposes like practicing tae kwon do, aikido, Judo, jujitsu, and more. Even if it is not really intended for self-defense, a good shinai will still provide you with many years of good health. The bamboo sword can also be a good memento of your travels and adventures. You can keep it in a scabbard or even on display. A good bamboo sword can be an heirloom that your children can pass down through the generations. A nice collection of Japanese martial arts weapons can even be passed down as heirlooms.

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