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Bamboo Shrimp (Atychnis California) is actually a common freshwater shrimp indigenous to southeast Asia. Bamboo Shrimp aquarium also goes by other names such as Grass shrimp, Grasshopper shrimp, Threadfin shrimp, Winter shrimp, and Cabbage shrimp. They are among the smallest shrimp but are also among the most interesting and diverse. Despite their small size, bamboo shrimp is also quiet and peaceful.

One characteristic that separates bamboo shrimp breeding from most crustaceans is that they have gills that extend well outside their bodies. This makes them capable of moving about in their aquariums; however, the bamboo shrimp breeding attribute means that they will require a significant filter-feeding source. The best filter-feeding shrimp are generally those that come from driftwood areas since these creatures feed on algae.

Bamboo Shrimp Care

When feeding bamboo shrimp, you should keep in mind that their bodies are short and stick out significantly from the water column. Therefore, you should use a water column cleaner with a long, flexible wand. Be sure to select one that is made specifically for the bamboo shrimp size and type (i.e., sand shrimp or driftwood shrimp). Also, be sure to clean the wand before and after every use to ensure that it is free of algae. If possible, try to provide your fish with high quality, commercial filter such as Nox Aqua Platinum since it can efficiently clean water columns and maintain proper water quality.

When caring for your bamboo shrimp care, remember that they are most active at night, so it is important to provide bright lighting and cool temperatures. During daylight hours, keep the tank’s temperature moderate and place bamboo shrimp somewhere where it won’t get too hot or humid. It is also a good idea to place food on the bottom so that your fish will have easy access to it. Be careful not to over-feed them since this can result in your having to buy extra food since they are too small to eat.

Bamboo Shrimp Food

The peaceful species of bamboo shrimp food are usually easy to take care of, but there is one important rule to remember: their shells need to be cleaned often! This is because the materials that make up their shells are actually waste products that bamboo shrimp produce while in the wild. Cleaning them off can be a great way to improve the health of your fish and to save yourself money since there are many chemicals and pricey cleaners on the market that do more harm than good.

If you are keeping bamboo shrimp, the best bet is to start with a smaller aquarium because they don’t like to take up too much room. However, you can always add a few more gallons to your tank later on. You can find pre-made aquariums at your local pet store or online. Alternatively, you could create your own DIY aquarium for less than $100.

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