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Bamboo planter is an excellent choice for your home, office, or garden. Use these tips and tricks to ensure that your planter and flowering plants are sturdy when planting. Bring exotic flowers and plants to your patio or deck with attractive, but simple-to-builders bamboo planter boxes, and then use them for a privacy screen. Consider bamboo planter pots for all of your outdoor bamboo care needs, from planting to decorating.

To make the most of your bamboo planter boxes, start by selecting the right type. There are many bamboo planter boxes available, and it may be overwhelming when starting. Which type is right for you? It depends on whether you will be using your bamboo planter boxes as a container, display area, or as a trellis to hold climbing plants, ivy, or a variety of other plants. If you are interested in decorating your outdoor area with containers, choose bamboo planter boxes made of a thick, dense type of bamboos like Urthiolo or Lamy. These boxes will keep water, soil, and insects out.

Bamboo Planter Boxes

Many bamboo planter plans are designed with slats as ribs. The first consideration when selecting bamboo planter boxes should be the type of bamboo used in the box. Thicker bamboo is more durable and resistant to pests, such as aphids. However, thinner bamboo will not withstand the same conditions. The two primary types of bamboo are the Chinese elm cephalothin, or C.E.C., and the common running bamboo, or Biwa.

Most bamboo planter pots are constructed with a simple wooden frame and a top layer of either concrete or Styrofoam. A bamboo planter is considered an indoor plant box when it contains one square foot of floor area and cannot hold more than four potted plants. Exterior light is important for many tropical plants; therefore, planters without glass or plastic covering need to be sealed to protect from the elements.

Bamboo Planter Ideas

There are many different types of bamboo planter ideas available on the market today. However, I would recommend only using pots that are made of bamboo because they are much stronger, have finer grain, and are less likely to warp. It is also an excellent idea to use potting soil with your bamboo planter because it will not retain moisture like clay. If you are planning to decorate with flowers indoors, you should purchase a bamboo planter with a solid base and a clear lid made of non-porous wood.

Because bamboo planter boxes do not require the use of soil, there is no need to water your plants. Watering them is often time-consuming and tedious. In addition, the lack of soil makes it very difficult to germinate seeds. You can use organic or chemical-free soil and compost to improve the soil structure and fertility of your containers.

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