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Bamboo longboard decks are now the talk of the town when it comes to longboarding, skateboarding, and all other related skating sports. This may be due to the bamboo longboard being known as one of the healthiest materials for a skateboard deck. So what makes bamboo longboard decks great?

Although bamboo longboard decks aren’t as tall as the usual maple longboards, they’re definitely taller than the usual deck made out of mostly plastic. That being said, bamboo longboards look much bigger than a normal wooden longboard, even if it has the same height as the average maple longboard. Aside from that, bamboo longboard decks are definitely bigger than their maple and other wood counterparts. That being said, it still wouldn’t be inappropriate to call them miniature longboards. Best of all, the bamboo longboard deck doesn’t appear much different from the average deck, especially for beginners who want to learn how to ride a longboard. This is because the bamboo longboard combines the smoothness of the regular skateboard with the responsiveness of the longboard.

Bamboo Longboard Skateboards

Although bamboo longboards are not as stiff as maple wood, they’re still much more firm than the usual fiberglass longboard. One of the reasons why bamboo longboard decks are still so much more firm is because the bamboo is composed of larger and more densely packed bamboo fibers. The density of these bamboo fibers makes them much harder than ordinary hardwoods. The result is that they can provide stability similar to maple wood yet with a lot more springiness. Because of this, bamboo longboard decks provide an excellent learning experience while at the same time letting the rider experience something unique.

Compared to a typical bamboo longboard skateboard, maple longboards are lighter. Some riders may be put off by the idea of riding on bamboo, but this is simply because bamboo longboards are actually lighter than maple longboards. The bamboo fiber itself is so dense that it creates very little resistance, making the bamboo longboard much more flexible than maple. However, many bamboo longboard decks also use other materials that make them lighter. These include synthetic bamboo fibers and high-quality resins.

Bamboo Longboard Decks

Bamboo longboard skateboards are also durable and sturdy. They can withstand wear and tear better than most other types of decks, and some of the best brands actually guarantee that their bamboo longboard decks will last for at least ten years. Although some bamboo longboard decks do tend to crack over time, this is typically due to improper installation and abuse.

Another positive factor about bamboo longboard decks is their sturdiness. In terms of sturdiness, they are probably close to the toughest natural substance on the planet, which means that your bamboo longboard will stand up to the harshest of weather conditions and the greatest amount of riding. Staying on top of your game means always having the right kind of equipment, and a bamboo longboard skateboard deck is definitely the best option. You can always look for other varieties online or in specialized stores.

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