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Bamboo hut is an amazing tool for your garden. Imagine living in a bamboo hut. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can have it for your home, garden, or even as a great addition to any commercial or residential property. The construction of these bamboo hut designs has become a big hit in the last few years due to their eco-friendly and sustainable building structures. This innovative approach to architecture has made them popular with architects and homeowners.

The bamboo hut designs for homes and gardens are not only Eco-friendly but are very stylish also. The construction crew and the local caretakers for the villas are very familiar with bamboo huts construction techniques. They are happy to share with you the different techniques they use to build these bamboo hut designs. It’s good to know what’s being done in your own community because this knowledge may one day save our planet. With three more bamboo hut designs on the way, Villa Kawayan, situated in Kenya is fast becoming a cluster of bamboo hut buildings that help give livelihood to the local artisans, farmers who harvest it, and the craftsmen who make baskets and other crafts are using it too.

Bamboo Hut Designs

Villa Kawayan offers all the amenities you would find in a modern bamboo hut hotel-like window air conditioning, telephone, cable TV, safe internet access, DVD player, refrigerator, cooking facilities, and a swimming pool. There are beautiful decks and terraces, so you can have a lovely open-air barbecue on the deck or sunbathe at the poolside. If you are looking to buy or rent a property in Kenya there is nothing better than getting a family bamboo hut diy. You will enjoy spending your holidays relaxing at the numerous places you can visit and exploring the wonderful countryside.

The first bamboo hut we were fortunate enough to find was a prefabricated building in Mombasa, Kenya. It had a fantastic view of the ocean and the surrounding mountains and terrain. The bamboo hut roof building was built by a construction company from Brazil, they were very experienced builders and managed to design it so that it incorporated the natural features of the area including trees and wild animals. As you can imagine, this type of building has its challenges when building it on your own but with the help of a local expert, this challenge can be overcome.

Bamboo Hut Building

The bamboo hut building we found near Mombasa also had a very impressive design and interior. They were constructed by a Chinese called Lohengrin. He was also an expert in constructing bamboo huts. The site he chose was perfect for his bamboo hut as it was located at the very tip of a mountain and faced the Atlantic Ocean.

To finish the bamboo hut building, we made a trip down to the town of Mombasa. We were able to purchase the bamboo hut poles from Lohengrin and a local expert we had met in Mombasa to install them. The building process was not as difficult as we initially thought as we were assisted by the local experts. The most difficult part was obtaining the right bamboo poles and placing them correctly. These huts are quite lightweight and are easy to construct even by children.

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