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Bamboo flatware has become one of the most popular trends of recent times. Organize and store your cutlery in stunning style with the Bamboo Flatware Drawer Organizer by Threshold. This bamboo flatware drawer organizer is crafted from durable bamboo with an antique natural finish to easily fit in with any decor. It seamlessly fits in with any decor design, while five convenient storage slots keep all your flatware neatly organized. No matter which type of cutlery you own, this bamboo flatware drawer organizer can keep all of your precious utensils safe and secure. They come with a lifetime warranty as well as a matching bamboo flatware tray that can be used to hold the bamboo flatware set and other cutlery when not in use.

This bamboo flatware drawer organizer comes with enough space to hold all of your utensils safely. Each utensil tray can hold a pair of cutlery, forks, spoons, knives, and forks. It also includes a clear protective divider to show off your beautiful cutlery. Some models even have a spacious main compartment that will keep your glasses, napkins, and silverware separate. This compartment even has a zip lock bag to keep all of your linens safe and secure. The Divider has a divider to show off your beautiful silverware or serve your guests with a bamboo flatware tray.

Bamboo Flatware Set

This organizer comes with enough space for all of your bamboo flatware trays, knives, cutlery, glasses, spoons, and forks. It’s also very useful because it can easily convert from a serving utensil tray into a flatware tray with just one hand. With its non-slip rubberized grip, you can serve delicious meals in a very efficient way with bamboo flatware.

The handle and drawer slide out to create a knife block with two rows of cutlery. You will appreciate the large knife drawers that allow you to store more than just knives. The organizer can easily be converted from a knife block to a knife storage drawer.

The bamboo flatware drawer organizer is designed with four adjustable compartments, each with its own zipper lock and key to keep them in their place. The drawers are made from heavy-duty wire, which allows you to be able to slide them out and slide them back easily. Some models also have a pull-down divider for extra privacy. There are also slip-on adjustable compartments that make bamboo flatware easy to remove your jewelry while you are storing it. The four compartments have a zipper-lock to keep your items secure. Some organizers even have a shelf attached to the top compartment for additional storage space.

Bamboo Flatware Kit

Most organizers come with a bamboo flatware cutting board and knife block, as well as separate cutlery trays for each compartment. When you purchase an organizer, please measure all the compartments before buying. This will ensure that you purchase the right size of bamboo flatware kit. If you have a lot of items to store in the kitchen, consider purchasing an all-purpose bamboo cutter tray. This type of tray will come in handy for chopping onions, slicing carrots, or for simple chopping for when you have guests. The bamboo flatware set will last for years and is great for entertaining or preparing a meal in the outdoors.

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