Bamboo Earrings 80s & 90s Retro Design Ideas **18 New Pics! 2021

Bamboo earrings can be quite eye-catching pieces of jewelry especially because of their large size and versatile designs. They also come in different shapes such as square, round, triangular, and heart-shaped. Also, they can be crafted from a variety of materials such as bamboo earrings, wood, and metal. In this piece, I am going to be looking at some of the more popular bamboo earrings designs for both the 80s and the 90s.

The first one is the silver bamboo earring diy design. This particular bamboo earring diy design is actually a braid that is cut into narrow strips. These strips are actually interlaced with some silver beads that give it a rather unique design. Although it is not as eye-catching as the other designs, this one is still quite beautiful. It has silver bamboo hoops that can be worn on either a day out or a night out.

Bamboo Earring Diy

The next one is the bamboo earrings gold bamboo hoop earrings. This particular design has a lot of similarities to the previous design, except that it comes with large golden bamboo earrings 80s hoops. Just like the earlier design, it is also quite trendy when paired with certain clothes. Although not as eye-catching as the previous earrings, they can still make an impressive fashion statement if you are wearing the right outfit.

The last pair of earrings I am going to look at is black bamboo earrings. Although not technically considered bamboo earrings 90s, this pair of earrings does have a lot of resemblance to it. It is possible to pair them with the previously mentioned golden bamboo earrings and they will definitely look great together. However, if you are looking for something a little bit different then you may want to try a pair of gold earrings instead.

Bamboo Earrings 90s

One interesting pair of bamboo earrings 90s I would like to bring up is the door knockers. This particular style of bamboo earrings 80s was first made famous in the ’80s by groups called Happy Days. The main attraction with these particular pairs of earrings is that they consist of three separate pairs of earrings. Each pair has a thin silver band with a long piece of bamboo inserted. You can either wear these knockers as regular earrings or you can also purchase a set of four that match.

As you can see, bamboo earrings gold can be a very trendy and dramatic way of adding a touch of ethnic fashion to your outfit. They are relatively cheap and easy to find. They are also versatile and can be paired with a variety of different outfits. For me though, the real draw to bamboo earrings has been the cultural Appropriation they have helped to pave the way for. These types of earrings not only help me to look unique but to express my personal identity as an Asian female.

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