Bamboo Craft – Plane Bamboo Weaving Technique

The pure, sturdy and attractive bamboo not solely makes mats, baskets and completely different handicraft nonetheless can be utilized for high-grade packaging, decorative panels, curtains and window blinds. The bamboo window blinds, in precise truth, not solely give a conventional contact to the within decor of a room nonetheless maintain it cool as successfully. Bamboo craft relies on its explicit weaving strategies. These weaving strategies shall be labeled as airplane weaving, dimensional weaving and mixed weaving. To start out with, a bamboo crafter ought to know the airplane weaving strategy for bamboo craft.

Airplane bamboo weaving creates two dimensional or airplane merchandise like woven mats or carpets. It is fully completely different from strategy of developing three dimensional merchandise equal to baskets, lampshades, collectible collectible figurines and so forth. Sooner than weaving, the bamboo culms are processed as follows to make them apt for weaving.

Processing of Bamboo for Weaving

Inexperienced pores and pores and skin of the bamboo culm is eradicated by scraping off its inexperienced flooring with the help of a blade. Strain is utilized evenly alongside the culm flooring to verify uniformly colored bamboo.

The upper fringe of the culm half is flattened to facilitate stripping. A sharp knife is used to cut evenly throughout the sting. The culm half is cut up into slivers of an equal width. The number of slivers depend on the diameter of the culm. Lowering is accomplished fastidiously from the sting downwards alongside the scale of the culm. The slivers are then totally separated to sort explicit individual objects.

Slivers are striped into efficient layers. The knife is held with the blade horizontally in direction of the upper 1/3 of the cross half sliver. First reduce is made by nipping the blade into the sliver. Then the blade is positioned 0.5 to 1 mm away from the first layer. After repeating the tactic for a required number of situations, the layers are peeled off. The thickness of the layers depend on the need of the supposed woven product.

Layers are separated into efficient strips by using every the arms. The strips is also lighter or darker in coloration from one another. They’re organized accordingly.

The bamboo strips are then dyed and bleached with the help of assorted provides equal to dyes, sulfur, hydrogen peroxide or completely different chemical compounds. Soaking, boiling, washing, air drying and so forth. methods are used for the goal.

Airplane Weaving of Bamboo

Sooner than transferring on to the tactic of airplane weaving of bamboo, there are two elementary terminology that have to be understood by the novice bamboo weaver. These two phrases are – Warp and Weft. Warp is the set of parallel bamboo stripes providing the inspiration on which airplane weaving is accomplished. They’re positioned lengthwise on the work bench or work area. Wefts are the bamboo stripes which is perhaps inserted widthwise beneath and over the warp to have the ability to make a design.

The elemental strategy for airplane bamboo weaving is that of weaving dots into pattern. It entails combining two colors of bamboo- one mild and completely different dark- alongside the warp and weft of the bamboo strips. Color depth and distinction throughout the patterns are created by altering the density of the dots woven beneath and over the warp.

There are numerous completely different typical methods of bamboo weaving which is perhaps moreover attention-grabbing to know.


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